• Rebecca Hunter

Bluebells: for when we feel to be falling apart inside

Updated: May 16, 2018

You know how that feels, don't you? You feel like if you had eight hands it would still be hard to hold all the emotion inside. Despair, sadness, grief, inadequacy. Bluebell is one of the many essences that might help.

Bluebells are growing in woods across England now in swathes. It's my favourite time of year. Sitting in a bluebell wood among those beautiful flowers is a truly unforgettable experience. It's no wonder that so many people have been drawn to make a healing essence from them.

The smell of bluebells is almost intoxicating. They're also known as wood hyacinths - so you can get an idea of the smell if you think of regular hyacinths. The scent of bluebells is (only slightly) less heady and has a wilder feel to it. When you walk into a wood full of bluebells, the feeling is uplifting - you can't help smiling.

Bluebells help when we feel to be falling apart inside

Over time, life can batter us from several fronts - disapproval in childhood, feelings of failure at school, being in an unhappy relationship. Bluebell helps us to release these feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness and to remind us of our incredible potential.

Old hurts need to be released

Once we release old feelings of hurt or inadequacy, we can be more open and forgiving, more accepting of others. And this means that our relationships tend to deepen and be happier. We have more understanding and kindness to ourselves and others.

I often used to drive past a private wood in a farmer's field just outside Ilkley where I grew up. Every May, this little wood looked like a sparkling jewel of blue. Each year I would wish to be in that little wood, lying among the bluebells. It was alluring - like the witch's garden in Rapunzel!

The last year before we moved to Canada, Stephen and I walked to the field and climbed over the wall. We sneaked up through the field, hoping not to be spotted and we found our way into the wood. It was magical, like a fairy grotto. The oak leaves were that lovely soft green of spring and the bluebells made a purple carpet that spread through the trees as far as we could see. I lay in the middle of them in the sun-dappled shade and gazed up to the blue sky above. I was overwhelmed with a combination of beauty and a deep sense of sadness. As I lay, I allowed the scent of the bluebells to wash over me and I felt the sadness melt away. It was a gentle feeling of release. For the rest of the day I felt I had been touched by powerful magic. I felt deeply the miracle of myself, I felt overwhelming love for myself and all the other people in my life. It was a deeply profound experience.

Luckily someone bottled that!

Bluebells are made from the flowers in the spring. The Bailey essence of Bluebell is made by floating the flowers in water in the sunshine. The Lightbringer Bluebell does not use cut flowers and is made in sacred ceremony, calling the energy of the flower into the essence. I have both these essences at my practice.

You can buy direct from either company, or you can contact me (details below) and we can arrange a session, or simply make you up a bottle of bluebell essence to try out.