• Rebecca Hunter

No. 1 Top Tip for De-Cluttering.

It works every time for me.....

Who doesn’t want to be clutter-free? It feels so liberating to get rid of all that excess stuff!

Sometimes it’s hard to get started though. Or there’s just that last pile of things that never quite get sorted or taken out of your house.

This is stuck energy and I have a cure for that!

At first this might sound strange.... But don't dismiss it yet! Hear me out....

In order to clear things, you first need to clear the stuck energy. There are many different ways to do this, but I use a clearing spray to move the energy, and (for me anyway) what appeared difficult suddenly moves more easily.

You can make your own clearing spray to my exact recipe (below) - or you can come and buy it from me. There are others on the market, but after trying different ones, I always come back to this formula because I find it so effective.

If this is too hard to do for some reason, you can spray with just plain water or smudge with sage to shift the energy and motivate you to take the next step towards being clutter-free. Even jumping around and shaking can shift energy enough to be able to get started.

How to make your own Clearing Spray

What you need:

A spray bottle

I use 100ml blue glass. You can buy them here at Amazon. If you’re local, they sell them at the Co-op and also (way cheaper) at Isis.

20ml vodka or vinegar

This is used to preserve the water. I use vodka. Any vinegar works well too.

80ml good clean water

I use filtered tap water. But you can use any water you like. If you can get it, Kangen water is lovely.

8 drops of flower essences for protection and clearing

Bailey Flower Essences make a mix called Protection and Clearing which is what I use in my spray. You can buy it online here, or if you’re local you can call me and I probably have some.

Alternatively, you can use Bach essences of Crab Apple and Walnut. Use 4 drops of each.

Essential oils for cleansing

I use:

1 drop lavender,

2 drops grapefruit

3 drops Rose Otto.

Rose Otto is very expensive - but it’s a fabulous scent and it brings such love into your space.

Locally I like to buy my oils from Isis.

If that seems to flowery for you, then another great mix to try is

2 x larch

3 x grapefruit.

Feel free to change the quantities as to your taste, but bear in mind that I do believe that oils are often over-used, and that’s not good for our planet. Less is more with aromatherapy.

A label

Always a good idea - so tempting to think you'll remember what it is.....

Mine are simply printed text, but you can have fun making your labels look as pretty as you like.

Cowans sell labels by the sheet.

How to make it up into a spray

Put the vodka into the bottle first with the essential oils and give it a good shake.

Now add the rest of the ingredients, shake again and you’re ready to go!

If you prefer to buy a bottle already made up from me, I have you covered!

Click here to buy a spray and for more information about the essences and oils.

How to use the spray to de-clutter

Simply spray around your house, and particularly in any overly cluttered areas. You can also spray over yourself. Then get to it….

I usually just allow 30 minutes maximum de-cluttering time so that it doesn’t become draining. And I also try to limit de-cluttering to just one small area at a time.

Did you try it? How did it work for you?