What to Expect in a Session


Your initial consultation and treatment will last up to 90 minutes or so. Subsequent treatments will be up to about an hour.


First and foremost I create a place where you will feel safe and comfortable.

The treatment room is private and calm. One of the reasons for privacy is so that you are able to discuss your issues in detail, knowing that confidentiality and privacy will always be maintained.


I will figure out a diagnosis for you.
I will ask you questions about your condition and your lifestyle. Along with looking at your tongue and feeling the pulses in your wrists, this will form the basis of the diagnosis.


Often there will be a short massage to enable me to feel for tender areas or structural problems.



Acupuncture pulse

The diagnosis may sound strange!
Acupuncture is a total system in its own right and has a language of its own which is quite different to the diagnosis one would expect from your medical doctor. For example, your diagnosis could be Liver Yang Rising, or Liver invading the Spleen, or Heart and Kidney not harmonised.


Each of these patterns of disharmony can be helped with acupuncture and with lifestyle changes which I will explain to you in the session.


Then the needles will be inserted.
Then, very thin single use pre-sterilised needles are carefully inserted into specific points on your body. After over 15 years in practice, I can make sure there is virtually no sensation.


I pride myself on providing acupuncture which is as pain-free as possible.

Needling does not need to be painful. Once stimulated, Qi moves regardless of the level of pain.


Inserting acupuncture needle

The needles are left in place for about 20-30 minutes.
This can be a surprisingly relaxing time. I will ensure that you are warm and comfortable and then normally I will leave the room so that you can relax completely. You can listen to music, or just enjoy the sounds of life going by.


If you are at all nervous, I will stay in the room with you.


I do not usually needle very young children.
Instead the acupuncture points can be stimulated by pressing or by using magnets. These techniques can also be used on adults if necessary.


If you are presently receiving treatment from your MD, then you should let them know your plans, but there is rarely any reason why Acupuncture and Western Medicine should not be used at the same time.

Sometimes I use flower essences during a treatment. I can apply the tinctures directly to particular acupuncture points, and sometimes I will make up a bottle and give them to be taken between sessions. It is not always indicated to use flower essences and often I work simply with acupuncture which also works with the underlying emotions and energetic work as needed.

I mainly work with Five Element Essences.

Some years ago, I co-created a set of essences specifically for use with five element and meridian work and this is the set that I mainly use in my practice, along with the composite Bailey essences.

I am blessed to be married to Becca who has been working with flower essences for over 30 years and she has several ranges of essences that she works with including the whole Bailey range, Lightbringer essences, Sea Essences (from Vancouver Island) and more.